District 9–A District of hardworking Americans wanting to make a difference.

Hello Everyone,

I have been asked many times about my race and how it lends to support a district that has a strong Hispanic Community. So, let me take a step back and explain to you the lens in which I work through life. First of all, I come from a family of integrity and hardworking Americans. Yes, I am 50% Hispanic, but I was born in New Jersey and then moved down to Florida when I was a young child.

I was raised with a sense of understanding that if I want to make it in this world I had to work for it, and that is exactly what I did. I worked hard in band–although I will never be a musician, I worked hard in Track & Field that I received a scholarship–but I will never go to the Olympics, I worked hard in the US Navy–but I will never be an admiral. I raised two beautiful daughters, and I worked hard to raise them as best I could. When they faced sexism in the Little Leagues–I championed that fight. When I started my own business, I knew it was going to be hard but I never gave up. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have more in common than you realize.

Yes, we may see life in different lenses. We may have a different history that we bring to the table. But together we are District 9. We are the people who wake up every morning, get ready, and work hard throughout the day. We are a community who loves and appreciates a variety of other cultures. We are a community of small businesses– a community of Veterans– a community of people.

Yes, I am a Republican, but I identify myself as an American. Stand tall District 9, be proud that we are all in this thing called Life together. When I get to Washington DC, I will fight for every community in District 9 because we are a community of hardworking Americans wanting to make a difference.

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