WLiebnitzky-2015Jan11-119b (1)With years of professional business experience, a keen eye to detail and extensive experience as an engineer for several corporations, Mr. Wayne Liebnitzky is resolved to making a positive change in Washington DC through a simple platform – ‘Let’s get back to basics’.

On Education

Our nation’s educational system is crumbling to the will of common core. It’s time to get back to basics, by returning power of educating today’s youth back to the States, Counties and Cities that individually know what’s best for their own children.

On National Security

The United States won the cold war for one simple reason – we didn’t cave in. We fight wars that need to be fought and only when absolutely necessary. Our Nation does NOT cower to the threats of terrorists, religious extremists or those that choose to impose their will or belief system on The United States of America. We must be resolved to protect the integrity of The United States through any means necessary. And when we fight; we fight to win – period.

On Health Care

The Patient Affordable Care Act came from a consortium that has crossed many generations.  What has been put in place was a “pilot program”, now we need to correct its problems.There are solutions to this program, but it needs bi-partisan cooperation with the primary goal of repairing the problems associated with healthcare instead of excuses or blaming someone else.

Healthcare is a business that provides employment to scores of the population and the possible punishing effects that the current program in place can effect that Industry and its Client’s is astronomical.

Unfortunately, it may be to late to fix this pilot program.  I was for repairing the problems before, but with the insurance premiums going through the roof, and insurers dropping out of the program like flies, we need to put in place a program that meets the needs of all stakeholders.  There is some plans on the shelf that because of politics and negative media, they don’t get the attention needed with some of the great ideas that have been shelved because of politics. An issue that is under discussion is why not let people buy Health Care over state lines to reduce costs.  Allowing states to create a compact with other states to reduce healthcare costs.  Under the new administration and 115th Congress, changes are coming.  We just need to be patient.

Cooperation between true leaders can resolve any problem we’re faced with.  It’s been done in the past, and it can be done again with the right people in place.  That’s why I am running for the seat so we can facilitate in bringing home a health care that makes sense for all the stakeholders.

On Jobs and The Economy

The United States was built on capitalism. We should strive to improve our personal lives through hard work, education, maintaining a strong work ethic and family support network. It’s this fundamental free market philosophy that has helped The United States grow from a small group of colonies to a Global Powerhouse in less than 200 years. And free market growth is the only way to improve the quality of life for everybody willing to contribute their fair share.

On People

Let us start by having respect for our neighbors, leaders and opponents.  One cannot achieve success without Respect.  Animosity with one’s opponents will only create future conflict and the American people will suffer in the end

With the assistance of people that lead by example, armed by the character of their actions and a strong will to get back to basics – we can overcome adversity a once again become a nation that leads from the front.  Wayne Liebnitzky is that leader that will listen to “All the People” and represent them with pride. American is the only superpower on this planet – it’s time to start acting this way.